Winter warnings

After the mildest November since records began, we now see the weather forecasts warning of storms, extremely strong winds, rain and snow Brrr.

Ensure that you keep your access routes free from ice to minimise slips and the associated personal injuries. If not already done so, consider stocking up with suitable gritting materials so it is readily available when you need it. If you have employees working outside, the HSE has issued the following guidelines:

  • Ensure the personal protective equipment issued is appropriate.
  • Provide mobile facilities for warming up, and encourage the drinking of warm fluids such as soup or hot chocolate.
  • Introduce more frequent rest breaks.
  • Check to see if work can be delayed and undertaken at warmer times of the year without compromising on safety.
  • Educate workers about recognising the early symptoms of cold stress.

Plan ahead and try to have an injury free winter.