Accident Investigation – Top Tips

Are you an SME with no in-house health and safety expertise?

What would you do if a serious accident occurs?

Then these tips may help you:-

  1. Naturally, your first action will be to look after the injured person, give first aid and call the emergency services if required.
  2. It is important that you obtain the facts as soon as possible, time may well distort them.
  3. Check that the injured person is in a condition to answer some questions.
  4. If possible (or necessary) secure the scene. Taking photographs will help.
  5. Keep witnesses separated, it is important that their observations do not become confused.
  6. Interview the witnesses as soon as possible.

What you are really trying to obtain,  are the answers to two key questions:-

What did the person do or fail to do that contributed to the accident?

What did the job or surrounding physical conditions contribute to the accident?

Your questions need to be framed in such a way that the answers to these two questions are provided. Prepare yourself a checklist of questions beginning with

– What? – Why? – When? –  How? – Where? – Who?

the answers to these questions should help you to carry out an effective investigation.

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