The ‘No Time To Lose’ Campaign

Raising Awareness Of Occupational Cancer …

Posted on: 28/04/2015   By: Lee Rance

Occupational Cancer is the leading cause of work related deaths in the UK. It is estimated that there are around 8,000 deaths and 14,000 new Cancer registrations each year. 4,000 of these are caused by Asbestos exposure and 10,000 are linked to Silica dust and Diesel fumes …

Occupational Cancer is caused by workers being exposed to Cancer-causing agents called Carcinogens. Reducing or eliminating exposure to these Carcinogens can greatly reduce the risk to employees.

“Occupational cancer is avoidable!”


IOSH (Institute of Occupational Health and Safety) have recently launched a campaign called No Time to Lose to raise awareness of ‘work’ Cancer and suggest possible solutions to businesses on a UK scale to tackle the problem. They also offer free, practical and original materials to aid businesses in delivering effective prevention programmes.

One of the things the campaign focuses on is offering resource packs that contain factsheets, leaflets, posters, pocket cards, engagement tips, fast facts, toolbox talks and Powerpoint presentations. Each resource pack covers a different subject; for example, pack 1 focuses on Diesel exhaust emissions and pack 2 covers solar radiation.

The factsheets cover the risks and how to tackle them. The leaflet and pocket cards are to hand out to workers, the presentations are to brief managers/directors on the issues and workers on the basics. A range of posters that highlight the dangers and emphasise the importance of adhering to safety measures are also included, as is a toolbox talk to share headline information with workers.

The website also offers an ‘Ask the experts’ section where you can ask any questions about work related Cancer and managing Carcinogenic exposure to an expert panel.

There is an ever growing list of organisations that have already pledged their support for the campaign and you can too by clicking here to be part of this very important cause.

You can follow the NO TIME TO LOSE campaign on Twitter and Google+ or visit the website.

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