Retained Health And Safety

Having a company like Sensible Safety Solutions Ltd as your retained health and safety advisor is a hugely cost effective way of meeting your own health and safety obligations.

The average salary recently published for safety professionals is circa £35 – 40K, fully expensed this will easily rise to £50k per annum. If this is within your means, that is great, but for many companies, it is way off the mark.

For a fraction of this cost, we can offer you an advisory service by a Chartered Member of IOSH.

Depending on the size of your company, this can start as low as £50 per month and we will provide advice via telephone or e-mail.

So, why do clients take advantage of retained health and safety advice?  To be totally honest, there are a couple of reasons.

Firstly, they have recognised weaknesses with their safety programmes and need advice to move it forward.

Secondly, they want to provide services to large companies or perhaps a government department however, this type of organisation expects and demands certain standards and systems in place by their contractors. The only way that smaller companies can achieve this is by having a company like ours acting on their behalf.

To learn more about our retained health and safety service, contact us without delay.

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