Recycling automotive batteries

Regulations banning the disposal of waste automotive batteries to landfill or by incineration came into force on 1 January 2010.

Members of the public with waste automotive batteries can take them to their local council’s civic amenity site or recycling centre. Most garages or businesses that sell automotive batteries will take back used batteries when you buy a new one.

You are likely to be a ‘final holder’ of waste automotive batteries if you run a:

  • garage
  • scrap yard
  • end-of-life vehicle authorised treatment facility
  • local council civic amenity site.

If you are a final holder of waste automotive batteries then you can request a free collection of batteries from any producer who currently supplies new batteries.

Producers of automotive batteries must advertise their contact details before the start of each calendar year in which they operate.

You can obtain a list of registered producers from your environmental regulator.

You may find that the value of lead in automotive batteries means that businesses will be prepared to pay you for your waste batteries. You must make sure your waste automotive batteries are stored, handled recycled or disposed of safely and legally by licensed individuals or businesses.

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