Milton Keynes Scaffold Collapse

Two companies have been ordered to pay £126,000 for their role in the incident which left one man dead and two seriously injured.

John Robinson, his son Mark and Ivan Penkov were on the 40-metre high scaffolding when it collapsed on April 11 2006.

John Robinson’s widow, Christine Robinson, said “John was a kind, caring man who lived for his family. My children and I have not come to terms with his death; we don’t understand why it had to happen.

“This incident should never have happened if both companies had ensured the safety of those working for them. Every day I miss John so much – my best friend, my soul mate and my future.”

The one true statement is that the accident should never have happened, sadly it did.

We must all learn from this tragic accident and ensure our safety systems are adequate for the task that is being undertaken so no-one else has to suffer like John’s family and those who witnessed the accident.

This was not the last fatality, but let us hope that the HSE, Industry and Safety Professionals continue to drive down the number of fatalities at work.

Today, all our thoughts are with all those who suffered pain and loss in 2006.