Milton Keynes – Polish Workers

One of my clients employs a Polish worker who, two days ago had a serious heart attack whilst at work. The paramedics thought his chance of survival very slim. He was rushed to hospital and operated on immediately. Happily, he should make a full recovery.  His wife though, is many miles away in Poland. 

How would you manage this situation? Who could help?

Fortunately, my client was aware of a Government website that is focused on  improving health and safety for migrant workers. After making contact, Directgov returned my client’s call within 10 minutes and told them that they had spoken to the Polish Embassy who had in turn spoken to the Polish worker’s wife. She was reassured on her husbands condition and they made sure she was fully informed.    

My client was absolutely amazed with the help and assistance she received.

If you employ Polish workers, then please visit the Directgov website and make yourself aware of what they are doing to help improve safety amongst our imigrant workforce.

To learn more, please visit the DirectGov website.

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