Lord Young’s health and safety review

Lord Young’s report is expected to be delivered early next month. We wait with baited breath for its arrival. But what can we expect?

In an interview in the Daily Telegraph (27th Aug) Lord Young stated ” What we have got to do with health and safety is to reduce bureaucracy. it is all accumulative and adds to costs.”

These comments were welcommed by representatives of small businesses.

Lord Young also indicated that no-win, no-fee lawyers were also firmly in his sights. He went on to say that these firms are inciting people to bring claims.  They are not bringing cases that will win in court but are just looking to bring cases that will last two or three letters until the other side pays them off.

The Law Society refuted any suggestions of the existance of a “compensation culture.”

That old saying “You cannot please all of the people all of the time” could well change to “You cannot please any of the people at any time.”

I am sure that all of us with a vested interest in health and safety will watch all the ensuing arguments with interest.