HSE cost recovery fees set

The HSE has confirmed that its Fees For Intervention where a company has materially breached health and safety law has been set at an hourly rate £124 and this will be counted from when a letter or email is sent.  This has been reduced from the initial fee of £133.  It is expected to commence from April 2012.

Estimated average costs for a range of HSE interventions are as follows:

  • inspection with no action taken – no costs will be recovered
  • inspection which results in a letter – approximately £750
  • inspection which results in an Enforcement Notice – approximately £1,500
  • investigations – ranging from approximately £750 through to several thousands of pounds to, in   extreme cases, tens of thousands of pounds
  • fee for intervention would not apply where HSE already recovers its costs for intervention activity under an existing permissioning regime.

These fees will apply across the board with an SME paying exactly the same as a large Blue Chip company.

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