HSE publishes new health and safety strategy

Posted on: 01/07/2016   By: Lee Rance

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recently launched a new health and safety strategy called ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well’. The strategy was launched by Dame Judith Hackitt, chair of the HSE, on the 29th February to tackle workplace ill health whilst streamlining legislation and guidance, enabling businesses to take the right actions easily and efficiently and to improve even further Great Britain’s impressive health and safety record.

Source: HSE

Source: HSE


The Strategy focuses on six new priority themes:

  • Acting together: promoting broader ownership of health and safety in Great Britain. The aim of this theme is to take health and safety responsibilities away from individuals and make it part of everyone’s roles.
  • Tackling ill health: Highlighting and tackling the costs of work-related ill health. This aims to focus on early prevention of work related ill-health and raise awareness of the harm and costs to businesses.
  • Managing risk well: Simplifying risk management and helping business to grow. This theme is to encourage sensible and proportionate risk management which in turn can reduce sickness absence, lower costs and improve company reputation.
  • Supporting small employers: Giving SMEs simple advice so they know what they have to do. This theme aims to give advice and support to SMEs in order for them to better understand and manage their health and safety risks.
  • Keeping pace with change: Anticipating and tackling new health and safety challenges. This theme encourages investment in tackling future health and safety challenges. Anticipating and preventing future problems which could save lives and money.
  • Sharing success: Promoting the benefits of Great Britain’s world-class health and safety system. This theme  encourages sharing our knowledge with other countries around the world creating a world class health and safety system.

There is a wealth of information on the website setting out the strategy in great detail. Explaining the six priority themes and offering case studies from companies and organisations such as Thames Water, Welsh Water and PHASS (Partnership on Health and Safety in Scotland).

The HSE hopes that social media will help to get message across and spread the word. The website contains a social media kit, this contains logos, icons and imagery and invites people to download and use files free of charge on their websites and social media sites.

For more information you can visit the website and youtube channel or alternatively you can follow the strategy on twitter.


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Lee Rance