Fire Prevention – The Fire Triangle

The fire triangle is the easiest way to remember how to combat fire.

Fire is made of three basic components – Heat, Oxygen (Air) and Fuel. If you remove anyone of the three components you stop the fire.

Let us consider that there is a fire in a waste paper basket.

Which part of the fire triangle would you remove to put out the fire?  Which is the easiest to remove?

Oxygen – This is all around us in the air we breathe, so in this example, we would not remove the oxygen.

Fuel – The paper is the fuel, can you remove it? The paper is on fire. We would burn ourselves and, if we dropped it we could well spread the fire.

Heat – So can we remove the heat? Yes, we can. By pouring water on to the fire or using a water fire extinguisher we remove the heat of the flames and the fire goes out.

Remember the simple fire triangle and you will always know which part to remove to put out the fire.

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