Environmental Consultancy

It seems to me that the jury is still out as to whether we believe the earth is warming up or not. Scientists do not seem to agree and we have news headlines proclaiming, China commissions the equivalent of two coal fired power stations every week, Fewer Americans now believe in climate change, Australian coastline threatened by sea rise and Lord Stern saying we should give up meat to save the planet.

So what is the truth? Well to be totally honest, I have absolutely no idea of what the truth actually is. What I do have though is an opinion. You too will have an opinion and that will bias what you do, do you bother to recycle or not? Do you try to conserve electricity or not?

For those of us running businesses though, whether we are believers or not, we have Environmental Legislation to comply with. Failure to do so can be a very costly mistake indeed.

However, lets look at this from another perspective, addressing environmental issues can be financially rewarding and depending upon the size of the company, up to £1000 per employee can be saved. In these current times that must be an incentive for us to focus on waste disposal from our sites.

So whatever your beliefs, recycling and conserving energy will not only help the planet, but will grow your bottom line as well.

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