• Mental Illness in the Workplace

    Mental Illness in the Workplace

    The Government under pressure to amend Legislation Posted on: 21/11/2018   By: Lee Rance Government is under pressure from businesses to honour its manifesto pledge to amend health and safety legislation to put mental and physical first aid on an equal footing. The ... more
  • HSE Release Annual Injury and Ill Health Statistics for 2017/8

    Fatalities up on last year Posted on: 06/11/2018   By: Lee Rance Despite Britain continuing to be one of the safest places to work, key figures for Great Britain show that in 2017/18 there were; 144 fatal injuries at work. 4 million working people ... more
  • PPE Regulations are Changing

    PPE Regulations are Changing

    But how does this affect you? Posted on: 22/08/2018   By: Lee Rance Well, if you are responsible for the purchase of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), you must now ensure your suppliers are able to meet the new regulatory requirements. Importers and Distributors ... more
  • Working in the Sun

    Working in the Sun

    TUC issues safety warning Posted on: 28/06/2018   By: Lee Rance With the UK currently in the midst of a heatwave, it is a particularly dangerous time for workers who spend most of their time working outdoors. The Trades Union Congress (TUC) ... more
  • Sentences Increased for Causing Death by Dangerous Driving

    Sentences Increased for Causing Death by Dangerous Driving

    Maximum sentence will rise from 14 years to life Posted on: 08/03/2018   By: Lee Rance A recent consultation by the government to increase the sentencing for death by dangerous driving has been given the go-ahead as soon as parliamentary time allows. ... more
  • Recycling Firm Fails to Heed HSE Warnings

    Recycling Firm Fails to Heed HSE Warnings

    Company fined after ‘multiple safety failings’ were found Posted on: 04/10/2017   By: Lee Rance A Northamptonshire recycling firm and its directors have been fined after numerous regulations were breached. The company and its directors had a total of 21 enforcement notices ... more
  • Reducing Accident and Ill-Health Civil Claims

    Reducing Accident and Ill-Health Civil Claims

    The benefits of good health and safety measures Posted on: 11/09/2017   By: Lee Rance Almost all employers want to ensure that their employees and anyone affected by their business are safe from harm and to also ensure they comply with their ... more
  • Gross Negligence Manslaughter

    Gross Negligence Manslaughter

    Proposed jail terms increased to up to 18 years Posted on: 28/07/2017   By: Lee Rance Gross negligence manslaughter is committed by an individual whose gross breach of a duty of care causes or contributes to a death. This is the most ... more
  • Hazardous Symbols Have Changed

    Hazardous Symbols Have Changed

    What to look out for Posted on: 17/07/2017   By: Lee Rance The Law requires that any chemical placed on the market in Europe must have the hazards clearly communicated to workers and consumers. This is done through the classification and labelling ... more
  • Working in Hot Environments

    Working in Hot Environments

    What are employer’s responsibilities? Posted on: 08/06/2017   By: Lee Rance It might not feel like it at the moment, with the heavy rain and high winds we have been experiencing recently, but summer is almost here. As usual, in this country, ... more