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The Cost of Injuries and Ill-Health at Work?

HSE estimates £14.3 billion Posted on: 18/11/2015   By: Lee Rance The main reason for Health and Safety law is to protect workers from harm but there are also financial benefits when companies employ and maintain a robust Health and Safety management system. The HSE estimate £14.3 billion was lost in 2013/14 due to injuries and ill health. The total […]

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New Sentencing Guidelines for Health and Safety Offences

Offenders could pay up to £10 million Posted on: 04/11/2015   By: Lee Rance The Sentencing Council has recently issued new guidelines for the courts when sentencing cases of corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences. The guidance comes into effect on the 1st February 2016 and will still apply regardless of the date of the offence. The current guidance […]

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Corruption in CSCS Test Centres

Cash for cards Posted on: 28/10/2015   By: Lee Rance Newsnight and BBC London recently uncovered corruption in some test centres that offer the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). CSCS is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry. CSCS cards provide proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type […]

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Carbon Monoxide Safety in Tourism Accommodation

Deaths spark calls for tougher regulations Posted on: 22/10/2015   By: Lee Rance It has taken the tragic deaths of Bobby and Christi Shepherd in 2006 and the ensuing Coroner’s inquest to give fresh impetus to the issue of carbon monoxide safety in tourism accommodation. Christi Shepherd, seven, and her brother Bobby, six, were killed after carbon monoxide leaked into […]

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Employee Killed in Industrial Blender

Where was the safe system of work? Posted on: 14/10/2015   By: Lee Rance I came across this story on the HSE news feed the other day and, quite frankly, it shocked me to the core. I can’t imagine a more horrific way to die. On January 21st 2011 George Major, 51, was clearing material from an industrial blender when […]

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Are You an Employee With No Fixed Office or Workplace?

Then this could affect you! Posted on: 30/09/2015   By: Lee Rance I recently stumbled upon an interesting article while trawling the web regarding a European Court of Justice ruling. Although it’s only a tenuous link to health and safety I thought it was worth putting out there. The ruling states that travelling to and from the first and last […]

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The Ladder Exchange is Back

Exchange unsafe ladders for new and save money Posted on: 22/09/2015   By: Lee Rance Back in 2007 the HSE established ‘The Ladder Exchange’, the main aim of which was to get as many unsafe and defective ladders out of commission as possible. The incentive for users is they get a new ladder and save money.  The campaign has already […]

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Risk Assessments

Why do we need them? Posted on: 09/09/2015   By: Lee Rance The simple answer is they are there to protect us from harm at work. The basic definition of a risk assessment is ‘a systematic process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in a projected activity or undertaking.’ They are basically there to identify what can […]

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Self Employed

Do you have duties? Posted on: 01/09/2015   By: Alan Dawson It was back in 2011 that the Loftstedt Review made recommendations to the Government that those self-employed whose work activities pose no potential risk of harm to others should be exempt from health and safety law. This recommendation was accepted by the government, so what happens next? From 1st […]

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