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Work Equipment

What is it and should it be checked? Posted on: 05/05/2017   By: Lee Rance All workers use work equipment in some form or another, but just what is it? Well to quote my boss, “Work equipment can range from a pen to a nuclear power plant and everything in between”. The regulations that cover work equipment are PUWER […]

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Council Fined £1,000,000

A prime example of the new sentencing guidelines in action Posted on: 25/04/2017   By: Lee Rance I came across this story the other day and thought it would make an interesting blog topic and also a good follow up to our previous blog on Sentencing Guidelines. It’s a great example of how the new sentencing guidelines can seriously […]

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HSE Focus 2017

HSE Prioritises Plans for 2017/18

Focusing on work related stress, musculoskeletal disorders and occupational lung disease Posted on: 13/04/2017   By: Lee Rance The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently published its Business Plan for 2017/18. The business plan sets out the HSE’s main priorities for the coming year. Included within these priorities is the Health and Work programme. The Health and Work programme’s […]

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Tough New Driving Penalties Introduced

Using a phone whilst driving could cost you your licence Posted on: 17/03/2017   By: Lee Rance It’s been illegal to use a handheld phone at the wheel since 2003 and now new laws can see fines for drivers, caught using their mobile phones, doubled from £100 to £200 and the maximum number of penalty points has also increased from […]

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Working at Height

Still one of the biggest causes of deaths at work Posted on: 13/02/2017   By: Lee Rance I recently attended a seminar on Health and Safety legislation and one of the things the speaker highlighted was that working at height was still one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries. In 2016 alone 26% (37) of all […]

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Speeding Fines are Set to Rise

More powers for Magistrates Posted on: 02/02/2017   By: Lee Rance New sentencing guidelines, which come into force on 24 April, will give magistrates the power to increase speeding fines by 50%. The current limit for a speeding fine is 100% of the driver’s weekly wage, up to £1,000 – or £2,500 if they are caught on a motorway. […]

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Retailer fined £2.2m after employee crushed

The hazards of roll cages Posted on: 13/01/2017   By: Lee Rance A large high street retailer has been fined £2.2m after an employee was injured manoeuvring a roll cage filled with tins of paint from a lift. The employee was unaware that the lift had not levelled correctly and the cage toppled over, crushing her underneath. She suffered […]

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It’s Cold Inside

Do employers have responsibilities to cold workplaces? Posted on: 19/12/2016   By: Lee Rance I recently received an email from a client enquiring what the regulations are for working in a cold warehouse. They also wanted to know if there was a minimum temperature and whether they needed to supply warm clothing. It turns out that this is […]

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A Fire Marshals Responsibilities

There is a fine line between duty and safety Posted on: 24/11/2016   By: Lee Rance Should Fire Marshals be expected to tackle small fires as part of their duties? What is the definition of a small fire and where is the line drawn? It is a very grey area. All businesses in England and Wales must comply […]

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Stressed at Work?

It’s more common than you might think Posted on: 10/11/2016   By: Lee Rance The definition of stress at work according to the HSE is “The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them at work.” When I worked in the pre-press department of a financial research printing company in London, […]

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