Are you failing to safeguard staff eye health?

89% of employers are failing to safeguard staff eye health according to a new study commissioned by the national sight charity, the Eyecare Trust and the healthcare provider, Simply Health.

Office workers can spend 128,740 hours staring at a screen during their working lifetime and 90% say they regularly suffer “screen fatigue”, headaches, sore or tired eyes, impaired colour perception and blurred vision.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations place a legal obligation on all employers to care for the eye health of staff who regularly use a VDU (computer screen) at work.

Research suggests that some employers’ failure to safeguard employees’ eye health and comply with the HSE Regulations is due to a lack of understanding that this legislation exists.

To avoid the penalties which include improvement notices, prohibition orders, fines and even criminal prosecution, employers are legally required to:

  • analyse workstations to assess and reduce any risk to eye health.
  • ensure workstations meet minimum ergonomic requirements.
  • facilitate working routines that allow adequate breaks from intensive DSE work.
  • pay for sight tests on request, and pay for a basic pair of spectacles if required solely for VDU work; and
  • provide health and safety training for all employees who use DSE in their day-to-day work.

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