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Noise at Work Assessments

Posted on: 18/10/2016   By: Lee Rance

Since the industrial revolution, noise at work has been an issue and it now seems that latest scientific reports have identified that the seas around Britain are getting to noisy as well. So noisy it seems, that Cod and Haddock are having difficulty communicating and this could play havoc with the mating process. Goodness knows if Cod suffer with deafness or tinnitus so let’s leave that problem with the scientists whilst we focus on the noise in our working environment.

A couple of months ago we published a blog on reducing the risks of Noise at Work.

Well now we can go one step further and offer your business a noise at work assessment.

So, how loud is loud?


Do any of the following apply to your workplace?

  • the noise is intrusive or worse than intrusive, for most of the working day;
  • your employees have to raise their voices to carry out a normal conversation when about 2 metres apart for at least part of the day;
  • your employees use noisy powered tools or machinery for more than half an hour each day;
  • your sector is one known to have noisy tasks, eg construction, demolition or road repair; woodworking; plastics processing; engineering; textile manufacture; general fabrication; forging or stamping; paper or board making; canning or bottling; foundries; waste and recycling;
  • there are noises due to impacts (such as hammering, drop forging, pneumatic impact tools etc), explosive sources such as cartridge-operated tools or detonators, or guns.

If any of these points apply then Sensible Safety Solutions can help.

So what exactly can we do to help? Well, our noise monitoring service enables us to:

  • Identify where there are risks from noise exposure and who is likely to be affected.
  • Calculate, based on the samples taken, a reliable estimate of your employee’s daily exposures, and compare the exposures with the action values and limit values.
  • Recommend what you need to do to comply with the law, i.e. whether noise-control measures or hearing protection are needed.

Once the assessment is complete we produce a jargon free and easy to understand report offering clear recommendations that will help you to decide what action you need to take to ensure the health and safety of your employees who are exposed to workplace noise.

We can offer a free, no obligation quotation tailored to your business environment.

For more information on the services we provide, please email info@sensiblesafetysolutions.co.uk or call us on 01908 632418.